Social Responsibility Services


I. Summary

In a world where the issues of climate change, population dynamics and resource constraints are being addressed by creative entrepreneurs with sustainable business models utilizing renewable resources, doing good by being good has moved from activism to actionable to profitable.

II. Strategic Advice to the Socially Conscious, Sustainability Oriented

The Hickory Group helps clients navigate the growing impact of climate and resource issues with strategic financial advice driven by the understanding that economics and sustainability can be combined to produce alpha.

Hickory seeks the passionate entrepreneur with a local mind set for global change. Select examples of Hickory clients pursuing this passion include:

  1. PosiGen, Inc., an Inc500 firm which produces sustainable energy and drives down the utility costs for the Low to Moderate Income sector

  2. Grunt Style, LLC , a high growth apparel firm which has donated over $1 million dollars since inception in the form of apparel and dollars to charities which support veterans as well as persons from all walks of life.

III. The Hickory Ethos: Supporting the Change Focused Client

The Hickory Group actively targets certified B Corporations as well as enterprises whose business model intertwines Social and Capital returns. As a firm, we have first-hand knowledge of the fact that combining corporate self-interest with support for social and environmental issues is not a costly distraction but rather a means to create a competitive advantage. By example, PosiGen is able to achieve alpha vis-a-vis competitors because their service to the LMI marketplace has created a "fortress business model" which larger peers cannot profitably replicate and thus their peers remain servicing residential solar power options to the upper income marketplace.

Second, our friends at Grunt Style demonstrate how being a “good actor” in their community gives Grunt Style the ability to win over the “conscious consumers.” These “conscious consumers” are on the rise as demonstrated by a recent Nielsen’s report entitled "The Sustainability Imperative". Specifically, per this report, consumers across the globe stated they would pay more for sustainable consumer brands versus comparable products that are not made via sustainable methods. This consumer orientation is not just "virtue signaling" but rather is spelled out in verifiable results: Sales of consumer goods with a demonstrated commitment to sustainability have grown more than 4% globally, while those without grew less than 1% per the Nielsen report.

Finally, clients who place an importance on limiting their Company’s environmental footprint have achieved meaningful operational efficiencies in areas such as energy and water usage thus benefitting bottom-line results and delivering alpha.

IV. The Future

Socially active and "woke" consumers will dominate the global landscape over the next 30 to 40 years. To take advantage of this generational wave, Hickory advises all enterprises, regardless of industry, to review the corporate policies concerning social responsibility or risk losing market share and destroying shareholder value. Socially responsible companies, particularly certified B corporations, ensure that the social responsibility of business can deliver against the dual mandate of "Doing good while being good".

IV. Talk Local, Deliver Global

Hickory's Social and Sustainable team can be reached via Sustainable@HickoryGP.com. Let us share how our efforts can serve your vision.

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