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The Hickory Group, LLC provides financial advisory services tailored to specific market sectors based upon relevant experience, relationships and market insight.

The firm’s track record in each sector allows it the opportunity to provide superior counsel to each client, crafting a calculated strategy to meet short term goals while keeping intact long term objectives.

  • Consumer Products

  • Independent Sponsors

  • Technology

  • General Industries

  • Real Estate



Hickory’s employs a considered, dispassionate advisory approach, taking the time to measure all relevant facts in order to determine actionable strategic options and expedited tactics. Advice for each client based is based upon demonstrable experience and unique insight. Services offered include:

  • Merger, acquisition and divestitures advice

  • Private capital markets counsel

  • Restructuring services

  • Business strategy formulation / interim c-level management

Merger, acquisition and divestiture services offered fall into five general categories:

  1. Buy-side assignments

  2. Sell-side mandates

  3. Financial sponsor and management buyout advice

  4. Corporate subsidiary divestitures and spin-offs

  5. Joint venture structuring

Private capital markets expertise includes a broad number of unique private capital placements. The Hickory Group, LLC focuses on providing clients outstanding private capital markets advisory services in the following areas:

  • Private placement of equity and debt securities

  • Advice regarding balance sheet structuring

  • Venture / early stage capital advice

Hickory provides a broad range of corporate restructuring services to enterprises experiencing financial distress or businesses seeking to develop contingency plans:

  • Analyze internal business unit planning and forecasts

  • Determining optimal capital structures

  • Preparing restructuring plan proposals

  • Negotiating debt for equity exchanges